Feast of Justice is open for food distribution.

*** We continue to be part of the City Box Program. ***

Virtual 5K Run, Walk, Bike


Feast of Justice is happy to introduce our very first Virtual 5K race. Simply run, walk, bike, or hike in your neighborhood or on a local trail and your time and photos will be posted on our website. Run once or all 7 days to better your time.

Feast of Justice Program Changes


Feast of Justice has 4 types of programs:  City Box, Community Cupboard, Senior Boxes, and Baby Supplies.  Click below to view information about each program.






Guest Appointments


Guest appointments will begin on Wednesday, September 2.  While appointments are not required, guests can schedule one appointment time per week. Guests may still receive food two times each week.




Guest Registration

Before the pandemic, Feast of Justice required registration of all guests.  We use our registrations to see who we are serving and to help connect our guests to specific resources.


Participation in the Food Pantry Distribution Program, which occurs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays requires registration. Our Staff will pass out temporary registration forms during our Food Pantry Distribution. 

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